Our Journal

DANI was founded by Daniel Tan in 2018.
As a designer, he believes that an authentic timepiece should have an emphasis on elegance, quality, space and simplicity above all else. Our watch collection embodies a minimalistic balance between a contemporary city lifestyle and the earthy tones found in nature. We hope that our timepieces will be able to provide the people with a sense of tranquility and calm.

The DANI Watches team appreciates craftsmanship, which is why it has a limited run. When you buy a DANI Watch, you'll be the proud owner of a truly unique timepiece.


and Practicality

Here at DANI, we design watches that are minimalist yet practical. Our goal is to create a watch that has a timeless design and quality that will accompany its owner for years to come. With this goal in mind, our team has meticulously researched thousands of materials and design combinations to finally arrive with our current iteration of watches.

Precision is
in the details

If there is anything the design team here pays importance to, it is the details of every element of the watch. From the millimeters in distance between the markers, to the size of the watch’s hands, to the flush finish of the case, our team carefully plans and designs our watches with principles that started the brand in the beginning. Design aside, this precision is also translated to our watch’s timekeeping capabilities. By utilizing one of Japan’s most renowned movements, DANI watches maintain an accuracy of ±1 seconds per day.

Material Quality

The materials used in our watches are of the utmost quality as it was our design team’s goal for the customer to have an excellent enduring timepiece. Therefore, materials such as luxurious leather straps, high grade stainless steel, and flawless sapphire crystal undergo rigorous quality control in order to reflect the quality that DANI represents. Our materials are sourced from our worldwide partners from Italy, Japan, and Hong Kong.